The Flexi ACiON Range of articulated forklift trucks has been developed specifically to improve storage handling

Comme leader du marché, nous avons développé six modèles dans la gamme qui couvrent un grand numéro d'opérations de logistique et de magasin; Flexi AC VNA, Flexi AC 1000, Flexi AC 1200, Flexi AC HiLOAD, Flexi AC HiMAX, Flexi AC StorMAX, LITE et LiTHiON.

  • Next-Generation Digital power brushless technology
  • High-speed stable travel with balanced digital traction technology
  • Up to 230° of Articulation Safe independent digital power steering, no kickback
  • Easy to drive, smooth control at all times
  • Stacking aisles down to 1.6 metres
  • Lift heights up to 14 metres
  • Load capacity 1.3, 1.7, 2.0 & 2.5 tonnes

For More Information on The Flexi ACiON Range:

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Fwd Lith

Front Wheel drive

Proven safe traction-laden or unladen in all operating conditions.

No tyre scrubbing, with full differential drive on both drivers wheels.

Batt Lit

Easy battery access

Fast and safe battery access and changing.

Low lift off, on forks or rollers.

Easy battery inspection and topping.

Rotate Lith

Unique Flexi 220° Over Rotation

More stacking clearance along every aisle.

Compact axle designs maximise aisle clearances.

Flexi is the proven ‘no damage- fast turn’ solution.