Our Flexi AC product range includes comprehensive optional features to enhance the operators experience and safe operation

We have over time developed a comprehensive range of options to provide our customers with aid to enhance safe efficient operation and to allow the Flexi to work in a variety of specialist applications.

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Load Back Guard
Helps support high unstable pallet loads. Just measure the floor to the top of your load and let us know.

Easy Battery Change
Low Rear lift off or roll off for fast change-overs. Good access for battery topping. No motors or brakes underneath.
Premium fully adjustable gas damped seat with arm rests reduces fatigue on high lift heights; high utilization operations.
Telescopic Forks
Hydraulic Telescopic forks allow larger loads to be handled without changing forks.
Operator Vision System
High Definition LCD CCTV allows operator to stack safely to over 14 metres with minimum fatigue. Programmable Height Selector Level selection for fast stacking, easy to set up, up to 9 levels.
Weather Protection Cab
Overhead screen, rear and front screens, front wiper, detachable doors, available to protect operators all year round. Glass or Makrolan available.

Full Cab with Steel Doors
Operators full cab, steel doors, sliding window (right side), wiper, heater and interior light.

Cold Store Cabin
Cold Store Cabin protects operator down to -30º, full insulation, double glazed, electric heater, interior light. Cold store preparation also required.

A4 Clipboard /RDT Bracket
A4 Clipboard/RDT Data Terminal. Headguard mounted.

Operator Access Systems
Operator Access Systems including data recording and impact sensing options.

Programmable Laser Lift Height Selector
Easy to use Lift Height Selector, reduces fatigue and improves stacking efficiency.

Container Loader (Triplex Mast)
Special Low Triplex Mast and Overhead Guard to access ISO container doors or Steel Semi Trailers for loading and unloading pallets (4m of lift).

Container Loader (Quad Mast)
Special Low Quad Mast and Overhead Guard to access ISO container and Semi Trailer doors for loading and unloading of pallets (6 in of lift).

Four Post Overhead Guard (GREY)
Ergonomic cab design with four post safety guard.

Hydraulic Fork Positioner
Allows operator to move the forks across the carriage hydraulically and handle different widths of pallet (Euro etc).

Barcode Scanner Holster
Extending  your operators' capabilities.
Arms for Standard Seat (MSG20) (Pair)
Fully adjustable suspension seat (Grammar) with optional arm rests reduces fatigue on high lift heights.
Keg clamp
The Flexi AC product is very adaptable, it is ideally suited to be customised to handle ‘pallet less’ loads.

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