Works alongside inductive wire and steel rail guided VNA warehouse trucks

Flexi VNA works in just 1.5metre (EURO/ISO 1) or 1.6metre (ISO 2) aisles to BITA GN9 (FEM) standards.

  • Developed for Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) operation down to 1.5 metre
  • 1350kg rated capacity at 600mm load centres
  • Lifts up to 8.5 metres
  • Independent 1.8 KW power steering motor conserves energy with hydrostatic precision control
  • Latest Zapi AC drive technology for reduced maintenance costs
  • Convert existing costly guided ‘Man Up’ Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) operations to faster Flexi concept
  • Unique 220° over rotating articulation for extra aisle clearance
  • Unique compact front axle – for four wheel minimum aisle performance
  • Unique clear ‘VISION’ mast
  • ‘HiVIS’ twin post safety overhead guard design exceeds all CE/US Standards
  • Chassis only 1.0 metre wide for optimum travel speed in VNA aisles
  • Truck weight spread over four wheels, low point loadings, long tyre life
  • AC driving technology for lower power consumption and service costs

1350kg rated lift capacity and lift heights to over 8.0 metres.
Designed to bring Flexi AC articulated space saving and handling efficiency to existing guided VNA warehouses.

Operational performance
Ultra-narrow 1000mm wide chassis and 220º articulation feature combined with true four wheel stability for fast, saFe operation in the narrowest storage aisles.

AC Technology
AC technology and four Continental AG MC20 rubber wheels for fast stable operation with low energy consumption and service cost.

Compact front axle

At just 840mm wide it provides maximum clearance in VNA aisles for fast operation.

Hi Vis overhead guard

The unique ‘Hi Vis’ twin post safety guard combines maximum visibility and overhead protection for the operator.

Easy Battery Change

Low Rear lift-off or roll-off for fast one man battery change-overs.

Easy access for battery topping.

No motors or brakes underneath.

Tough Elastic Tyres

Flexi front superelastic drive tyres provide excellent grip and traction in all conditions.

Triplex 'HiVIS' Mast

Operators have excellent forward visibility thanks to ‘HiVIS’ triplex free list mast, with four lift cylinders. Mast tilt means easy fork entry into pallets.

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