Rental Services

Flexi Narrow Aisle has over 300 trucks in its short term rental (STR) fleet

The UK-based manufacturer of the Flexi AC range of articulated forklift trucks has over 300 Flexi trucks available at short notice to support peak periods.

Our short term rental articulated Flexi trucks can be hired from between one week and 12 months and include full maintenance and service support in the weekly rental cost. Longer-term contracts are available at a lower weekly cost per unit depending on the rental period.

The full range of Flexi articulated forklift trucks – including the recently launched Flexi VNA and StorMAX versions are now available on short term hire contracts. All standard products are offered for next day dispatch and installation anywhere in the UK and Europe and are supplied and maintained through Flexi Narrow Aisle dedicated service and support national network.

Please contact our rental team on 0121 5215 105 to book a rental truck today.

The low average age of the trucks in Flexi’s short term hire fleet provides modern, safe and productive rental equipment at short notice to support seasonal peaks and increased business levels being seen across the logistics sector.

There is a growing trend towards the use of Flexi articulated truck technology across all logistics industry sectors and short term rental is increasingly seen as an attractive way of quickly acquiring additional truck capacity by more and more companies.

Short term rental appeals to companies for various reasons but operational and budgetary flexibility are perhaps the biggest drivers. Companies can add short term rental trucks to their fleet to cover busy periods while finance directors can find short term contracts useful as the trucks do not always need to appear in the user company’s balance sheet.