30 years of Flexi truck pioneering development

We have experience With 10,000 satisfied customers in over 63 countries, globally we really are a market leader in intralogistics and we really understand the needs of customers who need to adopt high-density storage to save cost.

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The Flexi VNA solution provides a more space-efficient storage solution by eliminating dead aisle space required by conventional counterbalance, reach truck or Man Up VNA truck. Depending on the building, the Flexi AC trucks can increase usable storage space between 25% and 50%, making material handling operations significantly more efficient and reducing the cost per pallet stored. Flexi range trucks can work in aisles just 1.5M (Euro (0.8m) and 1.6M(ISO 1.0m) or 2.0M (Euro1.2m) deep and transfer aisle less than 3 metres, enabling warehouse costs to be substantially reduced.

The Flexi AC articulated truck is equally at home working outside the warehouse racks in loading areas. It is able to operate a complete ‘road to rack’ function, eliminating time-consuming double pallet handling, plus the need, and cost of a separate counterbalance truck outside or into the back of a semi-trailer, enabling Flexi AC to cut overall handling costs by up to 50%.

The standard Flexi AC articulated warehouse truck accommodates 25 – 30% more pallets in a warehouse compared to a traditional reach truck. The Flexi AC StorMAX increase this storage to over 50%.

In addition, the Flexi ® can move 25% more pallets per hour than a traditional side seated reach truck. The Flexi AC range includes:

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  • Lift heights from 3 metres to over 14 metres
  • Capacity up to 3000 kg at 600mm load centres
  • Operate in very narrow aisleways of 1.6 m, 1.8m or 2.0m without steel rails or inductive wire guidance.
  • Provide high-density warehouse storage with first-in/ first-out (FIFO) access to each load stored
  • Transport loads from trailer to rack in one operation
  • Put away pallets in racking 25% faster than a reach truck
  • Positive front-wheel drive allows ‘Push Back’ racking operation, which can increase storage by a further 10%
  • Two Deep telescopic fork StorMAX model for even greater storage capacity and cost-saving

Typical Warehouse Issues Solved

"I want to improve my warehouse, not sure where to start!"

Flexi Warehouse Systems offers obligation-free evaluation and consultation service to warehouse owners small or large – just email us at info@flexi.co.uk

"Our warehousing costs are too high but we don't have a budget to invest"

The potential cost savings with a reconfiguration to a Flexi VNA solution, adding 30/50% to capacity and the savings made on energy from lighting and battery charging combined, offer a pay-back of less than 12 months so the return on investment is a no brainer.

"We would like to invest in a VNA but we are worried about the cost of moving our pallet racking!"

Flexi Warehouse Systems are able to provide a complete fixed cost service, rack layout design, moving of pallet racking to a new layout, relocation or replacement of existing lighting (LED has a much lower running cost) and handover.

"We would like to increase pallet storage capacity and bring back product stored at premium cost third parties but we are not able to see how it can be achieved in our limited space available"

Flexi Warehouse Systems have over 30 years’ experience in evaluating existing storage solutions that work efficiently. We work on a no obligation basis providing fully-costed, detailed storage solutions that can increase capacity by anywhere between 30-50% over existing layouts. The additional 25% in pallet movement efficiency is often a warehouse bonus.

"Our existing building is really not suitable for our needs - we cannot find suitable new facility due to the current high demand for warehouse space"

Flexi Warehouse Systems are specialists in reconfiguring and refurbing existing warehouse facilities to maximise the capacity and upgrade the infrastructure to provide cost-effective, modern and efficient storage operations which meet all current standards and consumer expectations.

"We would like to operate 24 hours per day"

How we do this using clean battery technology. The Flexi AC range has an integrated battery cassette that can be changed over easily using the standard fork pockets to lift off the rear of the truck. Using modern energy saving technology with rapid charging continuous multi shift operations can be worked with only one spare battery per Flexi truck.

"On-going cost of external third party storage is proving costly - we would like to increase our existing pallet capacity easily and quickly."

Moving from existing Reach Truck storage to Flexi would increase the pallets stored by circa. 30%, existing floors and pallet racking can be utilised, the team at Flexi Warehouse Systems can advise on the best layout and arrange all the necessary rack relocation work to make the changeover in weeks rather than months, providing a huge cost saving on storage, not forgetting the return transport cost savings.

"Our existing transport/pallet network customers are asking us to store pallet for them, our existing shed is not large enough - We would rather not take on additional space at present"

Flexi Warehouse Systems would be happy to provide an appraisal of your existing shed to maximise the useful pallet storage capacity. No obligation, No job too small!! You can even rent a Flexi truck if you would rather not commit to extra equipment at this point.