How can we ensure the optimum warehouse design & layout?

Warehouse Racking Design

Several warehouse layout options can be modelled by our designers and budget costs provided for evaluation. The budget includes implementation and warehouse operational costs so you can business test each option.

Our design work includes the supply of detailed CAD drawings of the warehouse storage rack layout and proposed materials handling fleet manning levels based on the clients surveyed data and system future-proofing options where appropriate.

To get the ball rolling on any warehouse project, we recommend booking a FREE site visit from one of our experienced intralogistics professionals.

Particularly when you are planning major changes or a larger scale new project, even if you are just keen to bounce a few ideas off of someone who knows what they’re talking about!

A project meeting and a physical site survey enable us to fully understand what your real requirements are, how your business currently manages its storage facilities and most importantly how we can work together to achieve a more efficient and effective pallet racking and/or pallet storage, shelving system to suit your future needs.

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