Forklift Driver Conversion to Flexi

Flexi Training

The Flexi Digital articulated warehouse truck is based on a conventional cabin control layout, therefore is much easier to drive than a Mast Reach Type Truck. There is no mast reach function and loss of time to worry about and the forward-facing driving position means the operator is protected from fatigue as over 80% of the work cycle operation is forward-facing.

The familiarisation for existing experienced (certified in the UK) forklift operators is simple, they require only one day of training to convert from forklift to Flexi operation. Allowing you to pre-train as many staff as you like before your new warehouse facility opens.

We are able to provide Flexi driver training materials and video instructions. In all other markets (not UK), our local Authorised Distributors are able to provide course material and most have experienced trainers (supported by us), available to provide Flexi truck familiarisation for your team.

Flexi Training offers a comprehensive range of fully accredited forklift truck operator courses. Flexi Training services include:

  • Operator Training Manual and CD
  • Provide Flexi trainer to familiarise new operators
  • Flexi Conversion Training courses
  • Flexi Retraining and Refresher courses
  • Flexi Train the Trainer for existing forklift trainers

Any experienced Forklift Truck or Reach Truck operator can be converted in as little as one day to operate the Flexi safely and efficiently.

Flexi Training can advise on the training of your people, any number between 1 and 100 operators can be catered for either at your job site or at our dedicated training facility.

To book Flexi Training or for more information: