Flexi StorMAX Creates up to 50% more warehouse capacity than traditional Reach Type Trucks

The Flexi StorMAX allows users to handle two pallets from the same side of each very narrow aisle- which effectively doubles the storage capacity in each narrow aisle.

  • Lift heights available to over 12 metres
  • 1000kgs capacity and more, even in the rear back pallet position
  • Integrated side shifting carriage and telescopic function fork assembly, lower battery consumption
  • Unique Stability Control System (SCS), maximises the capacity of back pallets in all locations
  • Creates over 50% more warehouse capacity compared to Traditional Reach type trucks
  • Fast work cycles – with less than 50% of loads in back pallet locations it means 30% more pallets per hour per truck than Shuttle Car Storage Systems
  • Integral operator LCD/CCTV vision system, clear sight of both rear and front pallet locations
  • The existing building and floor utilized as is, LED aisle lights can be reconfigured at low cost with short project lead times
  • Beats ‘Drive-In’ and Shuttle car systems on storage capacity selectivity and pallet throughput
  • Fewer MHE truck assets needed to achieve higher pallet throughput volumes, no waiting for 'shuttle cars'
  • Existing racks and frames can be incorporated, no additional 'bottom' rack beam reconfigured with Two Deep Flexi

Flexi StorMAX requires fewer trucks to achieve higher throughput

Flexi StorMAX customers in the UK and globally have reported that this high-density system requires significantly fewer trucks to achieve throughput volume than storage solutions that feature, for example, automated pallet ‘Shuttle’ technology. With the Flexi StorMAX system, the user does not have to invest in the kind of costly special pallet racks and automated components associated with ‘Shuttle’ pallet storage systems.

Early adopters of Flexi StorMAX technology have experienced impressive results. For example, one user – a well-known Blue Chip food manufacturer – is storing 40,000 pallets in a Flexi StorMAX system that is served by just five Flexi StorMAX trucks.

Flexi StorMAX plus Warehouse Management System (WMS) - ensures First In Last Out (FILO)

Pallets should be put-away and retrieved by Flexi StorMAX in a warehouse racks managed by a WMS system that ensures FILO, this ensures no 'house keeping' needed in up 95% of movements.

The Flexi StorMAX has smooth telescoping forks that reach 'twice' as deep within the two deep racking as those on a conventional truck.

The Flexi StorMAX 'counterbalance' type truck design provides an exceptionally stable lifting base, and can feature a patented Stability Control System (SCS) which minimises truck capacity derations when lifting at height into the rear locations.

Flexi Narrow Aisle Know How – Minimises ‘Honeycombing’ and 'House Keeping'

'Honeycombing'; the effect on the storage cube when the back pallet locations of the two deep storage system are under-utilized due to incorrect pallet location, and when products are put away into the rack storage system in the wrong order, ie, not obeying (first-in, last-out) data or customer order data before allocating
rack locations.

Modern warehouse management systems (WMS) plan FILO allocations to minimise this effect and ensure maximum storage capacity can be achived and minimum pallet 'house keeping'.

Compare the Flexi range against Counterbalance, Combi and Reach.