The Flexi 1000 is designed to provide the maximum level of storage density

Creating up to 30% more warehouse capacity the Flexi 1000 is capable of working in just 1.6 M (ISO 1.0M) or 1.8M (EURO/ISO 1.2M) stacking aisles – Flexi 1000 with 220° rotation provides an economical solution for space saving in low bay warehouses, where high lift is not needed and a more compact articulated truck is more suited to the scale of application.

  • 1700kgs rated capacity at 600mm load centres to 3.3 metres
  • Lift heights to over 8.5 metres
  • Independent 1.8 kW digital power steering motor for maximum energy saving, smooth and quiet with no 'kick back'
  • Latest Zapi digital drive motor technology for low battery energy usage and no service costs
  • Specially developed to be able to handle both the Euro Alliance and ISO pallet in either direction
  • Chassis only 1.0 metre wide for easy stacking and optimum clearance/travel speed in the stacking aisle
  • 220° Over®Rotation makes stacking easy and safe
  • Compact front axle – maximum aisle clearance when turning
  • Clear ‘ViSION’ lift mast, unique four lift cylinders 'HiVIS' design
  • Unique 'HiVIS' twin post head guard design exceeds all CE/US safety standards
  • Four-wheel (FWD) design exceeds European Stability Standards on elastic rubber treaded tyres all round
  • Fast acceleration and travel speed plus lower power usage with digital drive technology and flyback current technology
  • Conforms to DIN 15185/2 in aisle security clearance with EURO pallet in a 2-metre stacking aisleway
  • Independent 1.8 kW digital power steering motor for safe low energy usage, hydraulic full power steering with no 'kick back'
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Lift Heights up to 8.5 metres

Flexi 1000/1100 brings all the space-saving benefits of the Flexi articulated reach truck concept to low bay warehouse applications, whilst still providing the potential for a full 1000kg lift capacity to 8 metres and all the proven quality components from the Flexi Truck range for easy service parts support.

Block Stacking and drive-in racking

Flexi 1000/1100 features a unique 1000mm wide chassis, plus compact front axle, allowing block stacking of Euro or ISO pallets. Additionally, Flexi 1000 continuous front wheel is suited to both push back and drive-in racking operations.

Flexible Operation

The Flexi articulated reach truck does not require steel rail or inductive wire guidance in the aisle, and so can pick up pallets in any goods receiving area inside our outside and put away, pick full pallets and place them into picking locations.

Compact Front Axle

AC Forklift Suppliers

Latest Digital AC motor technology for fast acceleration and safe controlled braking. Integrated fault recording and monitoring.

Ergonomic Operator Cabin Full Forward Visibility

Flexi AC 1000 Forklift

The safe right foot automotive style accelerator and brake pedal operations (CE) both are fitted with rubber cushions.

Rear Parcel Bay holds Two Stretch Wrap rolls

Flexi AC 1000 Forklift Suppliers

Conveniently located and suitable for carrying a couple of rolls of plastic film or any other material that needs to be close to hand.

Tough Elastic Rubber Tyres

Flexi 1000 front Elastic treaded rubber drive wheels provide excellent grip and traction in all conditions.

Forward Facing Seat for reduced fatigue

Flexi AC 1000 Forklift Manufacturers

High quality adjustable full suspension seat with operators lumber support.

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