Our Flexi product range includes standard build models covering a wide range of customer applications

Flexi VNA trucks

With lift heights from 4 metres that will allow access into an ISO sea container to HiVIS space frame lift masts up to 14 metres & lift capacities from 1350kgs to 2500kgs.

Our standard HiVIS lift mast, registered design twin post panoramic operators overhead guard which exceeds CE/US requirements.

'True™ Radius' safe turn chassis technology and unique independent Digital AC power steering are included on every Flexi truck with no extra customisation cost needed.

  • Ergonomically designed operator compartment automotive pedal layout and automotive front-wheel steering
  • Low step for safe access to the spacious cab
  • Fully adjustable anti-vibration seat including seat belt and adjustment for operator’s weight
  • Interlocked Control levers fall to the right hand
  • Tilting steering column and dashboard
  • Small diameter low effort steer wheel
  • Reversing mirror
  • Four large elastic treaded rubber tyres
  • Large, rubber-faced wide brake pedal (right foot)
  • Right foot accelerator familiar ‘automotive’ style
  • Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI)
  • Low battery monitor system allows return to charger
  • Emergency battery disconnect on dashboard meet CE regulations
  • Three independent braking systems
  • Independent Digital AC power steering motor
  • Clear ‘VISION’ 'HiVIS' triple mast with integral (Kaup) side shift
  • Blue Point Safety Beam -coloured concentrated light beam displays a dot on the floor in front or behind the machine to alert workers the truck is approaching
  • Forward (1.5°) and backward (3.5°) mast tilt allows pallets to be unloaded off-road vehicles
  • Interlocked seat presence sensor means an operator must sit to operate any truck function
  • Zapi Digital motor control technology with full visual diagnostics and fault data logging on the dashboard
  • Hour meter records worked truck hours only
  • Patented HiVIS twin post overhead guard exceeds CE/US standards
  • Robust steel counterweights and chassis plates all round
  • Efficient digital regenerative drive braking programmable to suit customer loads and operating conditions
  • On-demand independent Digital AC power steering
  • Motor temperature diagnostic on the dashboard
  • Motor brush wear diagnostic on the dashboard
  • Twin front-wheel-drive system with full differential effect for no tyre scrub
  • Articulating front chassis design allows one single turn to stack the pallet
  • Hydraulic foot pedal acts direct on rear wheels drums brakes
  • Reverse alarm warns others of trucks arrival
  • Safe Start for driving on inclines
  • Rotating Beacon on DHG
  • Twin forward facing Operator working lights
  • Fork pockets in the battery tank for easy change when needed