The Flexi LiTHiON articulated range is now available with lithium-ion power

The Flexi LiTHiON range now features heavy-duty Lithium-Ion batteries that can be fully charged within one or two hours depending on the power supply. Allowing 24-hour operation without spare batteries or changing facilities.

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  • Next-Generation Digital power brushless technology.
  • High-speed stable travel with balanced digital traction technology.
  • Up to 230° of Articulation Safe independent digital power steering, no kickback.
  • Easy to drive, smooth control at all times.
  • Stacking aisles down to 1.6m/63".
  • Lift heights up to 14.0m/551".
  • Whole Flexi range available.
  • 24/7 truck availability, no spare batteries needed.

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Thanks to the developments in lithium-ion battery technology, Flexi LiTHiON Range trucks require zero battery maintenance, which can offer many advantages to Flexi truck users.

  • The Lithium-Ion battery delivers more energy density each hour than a regular lead powered one, and it can be replenished much faster.
  • Can be fully charged within one hour – depending on the battery level of discharge at the time and power supply.
  • The short recharge time for the battery (90 minutes to charge from 90%) allows for multiple charges throughout the day over short periods, making multi-shift availability possible to achieve without battery changes.
  • Distributes a power level output that is consistent right until the end, whereas with lead the power reduces noticeably between 60-80%.
  • Offers a reliably long battery service life, no maintenance costs and significantly reduced battery downtime on multi-shift availability sites.
  • No maintenance is needed, no loss of warranty due to opportunity charging, no storage of spare batteries, no acid or fuel storage.
Fwd Lith

Front Wheel drive

Proven safe traction-laden or unladen in all operating conditions.

No tyre scrubbing, with full differential drive on both drivers wheels.

Batt Lith

LiTHiON Technology

Fast and safe battery charging.

Extended shift.

No working downtime for battery charging.

Rotate Lith

Unique Flexi 220° Over Rotation

More stacking clearance along every aisle.

Compact axle designs maximise aisle clearances.

Flexi is the proven ‘no damage- fast turn’ solution.

Compare the Flexi range against Counterbalance, Combi and Reach.