Flexi StorMAX 22 creates up to 50% more warehouse capacity than traditional Reach Trucks

  • 'Max Out’ pallet capacity of your building.
  • Warehouse management system controlled.
  • Store two pallets deep, only one very narrow aisle.
  • 50% mare pallets stored compared to reach truck.
  • Unique Flexi Stability Control System (SCS).
  • Lift heights to over 11.0m/433", two deep.
  • Hi DEF Operator Vision System (CCTV/LCD) safe stacking.
  • Lower capital investment costs, use existing buildings, floors and pallet racks.
  • 30% faster throughput than shuttle cars. No waiting for systems to move.
  • Hugely Improved access to loads compared to drive-in racking .
  • Fast hydraulic two deep telescopic forks.
  • No bottom rack beams required unlike traditional 'double-deep' installations.
  • Three ‘brushless’ digital electric motors for long battery life and ultra-low servicing costs.
Nominal Capacity Maximum Lift Height Aisle Width Chassis Width
2250kg - 2500kg11.0m2.2m - 2.5m1250mm


2250kg - 2500kg




2.2m - 2.5m



Create up to 50% more Warehouse Capacity
Flexi StorMAX 22 works by placing one pallet behind another from a very narrow aisle. This format maximises the storage capacity of any building. The control offered by modern warehouse management systems allows highly efficient pallet movement with minimal housekeeping.

Lift Heights up to 11.0m/433"
Every pallet load can be 1,000kgs/2,200lbs or more. Even in the backspace. Lift heights to 11.0m/433" allow high bay buildings of up to 15.0m/590" to be fully utilised.

Integrated Sideshifting and Telescopic Function with SCS and CCTV Vision System
With unique Stability Control System (SCS), maximises safe storage capacity of back pallets throughout the system. Integrated safe storage operator vision system and programmable shelf height selector make stacking very efficient and safe.

Modern Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
Control the placement of loads in 'First In Last Out' (FILO) order to maximise handling efficiency, direct operators to next pallet location and control stock levels accurately.

Fast Work Cycles
With only 50% of loads in back locations, all the front-loads are immediately available. This means 30% more pallets per hour per Flexi StorMAX 22 truck, than ‘Drive-In’ racks / Shuttle Car Systems.


2.5 Tonne Articulation Unit
Developed to allow precision stacking to over 11 metres, combining 220º articulation with 2.5-tonne reliability.

Two Pallet Telescopic Forks

Telescopic Forks
Two Deep integrated hydraulic forks smoothly place back pallet with minimum deflection. Quick safe operation.

Clear Vision

Unique “Clear Vision” Mast
Operators have excellent forward visibility thanks to the triplex free lift mast, with its twin side-mounted lift cylinders. Mast tilt means easy fork entry into pallets - even on road trailers.

CCTV Website 5

Operator Vision System
High definition LCD CCTV allows operator to stack safely up to 11 metres with minimum fatigue. Programmable lift height selection for fast stacking.

Silver Wheel

Elastic Rubber Tyres
High Quality ‘Continental’ super elastic tyres, finger treads for smooth running, for extended service life and resistant to edge damage.

Pre Height Selector 2019

Shelf Height Selector
Programmable multi-level height selector for efficient stacking at high lift heights.

Brochure Image ACiON Motors

Digital AC Motor Control
Digital AC motor control off all drive, hydraulic and steering functions. Smooth ultra-low energy use, for extended shift work.

Battery Change Studio Shot

Battery Change
Low rear lift-off or roll-off for fast changeovers. Good access for battery topping. No motors underneath or service items.

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