The Flexi 22S+ provides faster and heavier load throughput capability for warehouses

HiLOAD Resized
  • Flexi 22S+ lift heights to over 11.0m/433".
  • Heavy-duty Flexi for industrial customers who want to save space and increase pallet throughput.
  • Robust slewing ring 2.5T articulation system.
  • Independent digital power steering motor and hydraulic pump to ensure smooth; kick free steering.
  • Extended shift work due to digital motor technology.
  • Operator Vision System (CCTV/LCD).
  • Integrated programmable laser lift height selector.
  • Safe efficient stacking optimises pallet movements.
  • Loads up to 2.25t/5,000lbs.
  • Chassis width of 1.25m/49" for optimum aisle way performance.
  • Clear HiViS heavy-duty 'space frame' lift mast for unbeatable high-level stability and fork visibility.
  • Three ‘brushless’ digital electric motors for long battery life and ultra-low servicing costs.
Nominal Capacity Maximum Lift Height Aisle Width Chassis Width
2250kg - 2500kg10.5m1.9m - 2.1m1200mm - 1350mm


2250kg - 2500kg




1.9m - 2.1m


1200kg - 1350kg

Exceptional Lateral Stability
2.5t/5,000lbs, twin deck articulation, combined with heavy-duty 320mm/13" diameter (22t/50,000lbs) slewing ring bearing provide exceptional lateral stability high lift and long reliable service life.

Engineered for High Lift Capability
1.25m/49" 2.25t/5,000lbs chassis, plus elastic rubber treaded rear tyres, delivers exceptional load rating and stability up to 11.0m/433" of lift.

Heavy-Duty Mast Construction
Heavy-duty mast sections in the strengthened front frame, mounted in 2.25t/5,000lbs articulation unity, increases lift capacity and long term reliable operation.

High Definition LCD CCTV System
Allows operator to stack safely to over 11.0m/433" with minimum fatigue. Available with programmable laser lift height selector both integrated into the digital CAN bus system.


2.5-Tonne Articulation Unit
Developed to allow precision stacking to over 10 metres, combining 220º articulation with 2.5-tonne reliability.


2.5-Tonne Chassis
Chassis in 1250mm and 1350mm wide options allow higher lifts with heavier loads. AC power for fast travel speed.

Clear Vision

Unique “Clear Vision” Mast
Operators have excellent forward visibility thanks to the triplex free lift mast, with its twin side-mounted lift cylinders. Mast tilt means easy fork entry into pallets - even on road trailers.

CCTV Website 5

Operator Vision System
High definition LCD CCTV allows the operator to stack safely up to 11 metres with minimum fatigue. Programmable lift height selection for fast stacking.

Silver Wheel

Cushion Tyres
Cushion rubber tyres all round allow operation on standard warehouse floors. Treaded and non-marking options available.

Front Facing Seat

High-Back Seat
Optional fully adjustable highback seat with arm rests reduces fatigue on high lift heights.

Two Pallet Telescopic Forks

Double Deep Option
Telescopic double deep fork version provides up to 50% extra storage capacity over reach trucks.

Battery Change Studio Shot

Easy Battery Change
Low rear lift-off or roll-off for fast changeovers. Good access for battery topping. No motors underneath.

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