The Flexi range of articulated forklift trucks are the most efficient on the market

They have been developed specifically to improve storage handling as well as customer order assembly efficiency in manufacturing and logistics.

90 ° Stacking Aisle 1.5 metres to 2.2 metres AST 1.5 metres to 2.0 metres AST 2.6 metres to 3.2 metres AST 3.3 metres to 4.5 metres AST
Transfer Aisle 2.5 metres to 3.0 metres 4.5 metres to 6.5 metres 2.7 metres to 3.5 metres 3.0 metres to 4.5 metres
Maximum Lift Height 15 metres 17 metres 13 metres c. 7 metres
Work Cycle Times (FEM) 30/35 per hour 25/28 per hour 20/25 per hour 35/40 per hour

The Flexi AC Range of articulated forklift trucks has a number of key design concepts which have made it a market-leading forklift truck of its type with over 10,000 sold in 30 years.

30 years the Flexi AC Range has developed with the help of our customers; there are now six models in the range covering a wide range of logistics and warehouse operations. The Flexi Narrow Aisle Twin front-wheel-drive pioneered and developed for 30 years by the Narrow Aisle Ltd has become the industry standard, all new electric forklift products which have been introduced to the market have adopted twin front-wheel drive The main advantages of Flexi Front Wheel Drive are:

  • The Flexi AC range of VNA trucks is supplied with the industry-leading Zapi AC controller and motor technology package for ultra-reliability and low maintenance.
  • The Flexi AC has the best operator visibility on the market with its exclusive ‘HiVIS’ twin post overhead safety guard (CE/EU) and unique four-cylinder ‘VISION’ triplex lift mast both of which are registered designs and greatly add to its popularity with operators.
  • The unique ‘True Radius’ design of the Flexi chassis means there is no outer radius when turning, this eliminates ‘in aisle’ product or pallet rack damage, again a registered design.
  • Cast steel side weights and steel plate rear panel protect the Flexi chassis from accidental damage even in tough warehouse applications.
  • The Flexi AC ‘Over Rotation’ feature with up to 230 degrees of articulation means the Flexi driver is able to enter the pallet safely and more quickly on the ‘First Turn’ than any competing models.
  • Energy-saving independent power steering motor and ‘whisper’ pump on the Flexi range provides safe predicable steering even when using hydraulic functions, competitors run steering off the hydraulic lift motor to save cost at the expense of steering control not ideal at up to 14 metres of lift.
  • The Flexi AC has three independent braking systems, AC regen motor braking for wear-free service braking and flyback current to the battery, foot pedal operated hydraulic drum brakes for emergency braking, handbrake applied drum brakes for safe parking even on inclines.
  • The long term high resale value of the Flexi articulated truck makes it the best investment in the market. It’s proven reliability, low cost of service and low parts prices all contribute to this fact.
  • ‘True Radius’ and 220º articulation eliminates product and pallet rack damage
  • One AC drive motor rather than two for lower maintenance costs, and reduced battery energy consumption
  • Rear-axle width can be specified to suit operating aisle width, increased optimum safe travel speed in both forward and reverse directions
  • Traction Battery rear-mounted, low centre of gravity, higher lift heights more capacity possible
  • Lift out battery cassette with fork pockets for easy changing, fast, safe multi-shift lift operations
  • Straight-line dynamic stability when travelling in reverse, eliminates snaking effect of  back wheel motors designs
  • No electrical components under the battery, additional forklift not required to access drive components when servicing the truck
  • Our customers need the Flexi AC truck to operate on concrete loading bays in the yard. The Twin Front Wheel Drive axle works exceptionally well in these conditions.
  • The Flexi truck is now firmly established as a cost-effective warehouse systems truck that saves space and increases efficiency
  •  The Flexi AC unique ‘True Radius’ articulating chassis design can reduce the minimum stacking aisle down to 1.6m  (ISO pallet 1.0m deep).
  • The automotive-style seating position allows the driver to face forwards. When stacking a load the mast moves into his line of sight to give unobstructed visibility of the forks and load.
  • The Flexi truck design eliminates the need to lift over Reach Truck legs (400mm high) at the ground level, saving more than 5% on vertical stacking space wasted.
  • The narrower Flexi ‘True Radius’ design allows unguided travel in very narrow aisles (VNA) safely at full travel speed.
  • The Flexi AC truck twin front-wheel-drive design with high quality differential drive axle is proven to be robust and reliable long-term.
  • The powerful AC motor powers both front wheels smoothly and safely at all times.
  • Large diameter, finger treaded MC20 Continental elastic rubber tyres on all four wheels, provide a smooth ride over most yard surfaces.
  • Tilting mast with twin low-level hydraulic cylinders, for safe, smooth high-level stacking.  Cylinder seals protected from ingress of dust.
  • You save wasted aisle space and achieve more storage density compared to a conventional Reach Truck, therefore reducing the cost per pallet stored by more than 25%.
  • Flexi ‘True Radius’ chassis design eliminates product and rack damage in aisle. Operator stress and fatigue due to side-mounted position on Reach Truck eliminated.
  • No ‘reach legs’ eliminates wasted space above the ground floor load and the first rack beam level, this alone improves storage capacity by a minimum of 5%.
  • Eliminates the cost of steel guide rails or inductive wire guidance system required with Man Up very narrow lateral stacking solutions. These guided VNA trucks require costly 'super-flat' floors.
  • Flexi twin front-wheel drive is proven transverse differential axle technology used on conventional counterbalance trucks. No tyre scrub when turning. Traction increases when laden. Better outdoor working compared with Reach Truck, Flexi has elastic rubber tyres rather than hard polyurethane wheels. Flexi does not require outbound rear stabilisers like many reach trucks, these, of course, make outside yard very difficult.