Our Forklift trucks are improving warehouse efficiency & profitability

The Flexi range of articulated forklift trucks has been developed specifically to improve storage handling and customer order assembly efficiency in manufacturing and logistics.

Flexi Developers Of Forklift Trucks

After Flexi demonstrating a 40% increase in storage.

90 ° Stacking Aisle 1.5 M  to  2.2 M AST 1.5 M to 2.0 M AST 2.6 M to 3.2 M AST 3.3 M to 4.5 M AST
Transfer Aisle 2.5 M to 3.0 M 4.5 M to 6.5 M 2.7 M to 3.5 M 3.0 M to 4.5 M
Maximum Lift Height 13 metres 15 metres 12 metres 7 metres
Work Cycle Times (FEM) 30/35 per hour 25/28 per hour 20/25 per hour 35/40 per hour

How to improve warehouse profitability

Flexi provides a more space-efficient storage solution by eliminating dead aisle space required by counterbalance or reach trucks. Depending on the building, this can increase usable storage space between 25% and 50%, making material handling operations significantly more efficient and reducing the cost per pallet stored.

Flexi works in aisles just 1.5M (Euro) and 1.6M(ISO) or 1.8M (Euro1.2) deep, enabling warehouse cost to be substantially reduced compared with conventional trucks.

The Flexi AC articulated truck is equally at home working outside the warehouse in loading areas.

It is able to operate a complete ‘road to rack’ function, eliminating time-consuming double pallet handling, plus the need, and cost of a separate counterbalance truck outside, enabling Flexi AC to cut overall handling costs by up to 50%.