Every aspect of the specification is identical to the new Flexi range product, without the carbon footprint


A Cost-effective Flexi Solution
Flexi ECO AC is our remanufactured product that reuses over 30% of all raw materials at the end of a truck's economic life, providing significant cost savings compared to an equivalent new truck.

Save Money - Save Resources
The integrity and high quality of the original design enables Flexi to be remanufactured under our 'ECO AC' programme and offer cost savings of up to 30% compared to a new truck, whilst saving the carbon required to make valuable structural components and castings.

Environmentally Sensitive
All steel and iron components are recovered, upgraded and repainted. Additionally, all other components are removed and recycled in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Looks Brand New - Performs Brand New
Each Flexi ECO is built to the latest technical specification and includes all-new motive and hydraulic components. A 'state of the art' Zapi control system is installed and on completion, the truck looks and performs as the latest new Flexi model would - guaranteed. Identical warranty to brand new product.


Low Carbon
All cast iron and steel components are removed, inspected, upgraded and repainted saving over 30% of raw material costs.


Environmentally Sensitive
All components that are removed and replaced are recycled in an environmentally sensitive manner.

G4 Studio 11 Small Cutout Edit

Zapi AC Technology
A 'state of the art' Zapi control system and motors are installed. Low energy consumption and long service life.

Clear Vision

Hydraulics Replaced
All motive and hydraulic components replaced with the latest version. All lift components are the latest specification.

Silver Wheel

Treaded Cushion Tyres
New treaded elastic rubber tyres allow operation on standard warehouse floors or the outside yard.

Battery Change Studio Shot

High-Quality New Battery
Complete new super DIN battery and new tank fab installed. Low energy usage charger supplied.

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