The Flexi 1000 is designed to provide the maximum level of storage density

Flexi AC 1000 Hires For Van Image
  • Compact easy to drive
  • Chassis only 1.0 metre wide
  • 220° over rotation for fast safe turning
  • Compact front axle – maximum aisle clearance
  • Lift heights to over 8 metres
  • HiViS lift mast standard, clear view of fork tines
  • HiViS headguard design exceeds all
  • EU/US standards
  • Four wheel design, excellent stability in all applications
  • Optimum acceleration and travel speed lower battery power usage with digital motor technology
  • Independent 1.8KW digital power steering motor for maximum energy saving
  • No steering ‘kick back’, powerful hydraulic independant system
  • Meets requirements of DIN in aisle security clearance with EURO pallet in 2.0 metre aisle
  • Only three ‘brushless’ digital ACiON motors for long operational life and no servicing costs
  • Handles both the Euro Alliance and ISO pallets

Create up to 30% more Warehouse Capacity
Flexi AC 1000 works in just 1642mm (EURO) or 1762 (ISO) aisles to BITA GN9 (FEM) standards. Handles Euro Alliance pallets in 2m aisle to DNN 15185 standard.

Lift Heights to 8.5 Metres
Flexi 1000/1100 brings all the space-saving benefits of the Flexi articulated reach truck concept to low bay warehouse applications, whilst still providing the potential for a full 1000kg lift capacity to 8 metres and all the proven quality components from the Flexi Truck range for easy service parts support.

Stacking Performance
Flexi 1000/1100 features a unique 1000mm wide chassis and “Artic” 220º over rotate feature, plus compact front axle, allowing block stacking of Euro or ISO pallets. Additionally, Flexi 1000 continuous front wheel is suited to both push back and drive-in racking operations.

Triplex or Duplex Mast
Lift mast options include triplex full free lift or duplex limited free lift, to suit most warehouse locations.

Flexible Operation
The Flexi articulated reach truck does not require steel rail or inductive wire guidance in the aisle, and so can pick up pallets in any goods receiving area inside our outside and put away, pick full pallets and place them into picking locations.

Front Axle Shade1

Compact Front Axle
Latest AC drive technology for fast acceleration and safe controlled braking. Integrated fault finding and monitoring. Easy turning in very narrow aisles.

G4 Studio 11 Small Cutout Edit

Forward-Facing Seat
High-quality adjustable full-suspension seat with operators lumber support.

Back Plate

Steel Plate Rear Cover
Detailed steel plate rear panel protects traction battery. Narrow 1000mm wide rear chassis allows block stacking and drive in rack operation. Handles Euro alliance pallets in 2 metre aisle to DIN I51.

Silver Wheel

Tough Super-Elastic Tyres
Flexi AC 1000 super-elastic front drive wheels provide excellent grip and traction in all conditions when fully loaded. Resistant to damage and premature failure.

Battery Change Studio Shot

Easy Battery Change
Low rear lift-off or roll-off for fast changeovers. Good access for battery topping. No motors or components underneath.

Clear Vision

Tilting “Clear Vision” Mast
Flexi’s famous “clear vision” triplex mast design, heavy duty German cold rolled ‘I-beam’ sections format. Integrated heavy duty side shift fork carriage is standard.

Overhead Studio Shot Cropped Grey Roof

‘HiVIS’ Overheadguard
The unique ‘Hi Vis’ twin post safety guard combines maximum visibility and overhead protection for the operator.

Parcel Shelf

Parcel Bay
Conveniently located behind the operator and suitable for carrying a roll of plastic film or any other material that needs to be close to hand.

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