E-commerce supply chain specialist, Smart Services Logistics, has introduced Flexi articulated warehouse truck technology at its fulfilment facility at Chadwell St Mary, Essex.


The company, which provides logistics fulfilment support to a range of clients across the Greater London area as well as nationwide, decided that its materials handling needs were best-served by the award-winning Flexi after an extensive evaluation of the various lift truck options available.


The electric-powered Flexi truck – which is designed and built in the UK by Narrow Aisle Ltd – will be used to unload incoming vehicles and deliver palletised loads directly to the pallet racking within Smart Services’ Essex storage unit.


By unloading incoming vehicles and delivering loads directly to the storage cube, the Flexi – which is fitted with ‘elastic’ rubber treaded tyres – eliminates ‘double handling’ and, as a result, Smart Services is able to minimise its materials handling costs and speed-up operational throughput times, with fewer trucks in its fleet.


For Smart Services any truck downtime could have serious repercussions across its storage and fulfilment operation, so when finalising its purchase decision, the company sought a lift truck that offered a high degree of reliability.


“Truck uptime and dependability are critically important for Smart Services, but the Flexi’s proven reliability means that the company can have complete confidence in its on-site materials handling processes,” says John Maguire, managing director of Narrow Aisle.


There are over six models in the Flexi articulated warehouse truck range to suit every warehouse size and more than 10,000 Flexis are in operation at logistics sites across the world.