Frequently Asked Questions

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My ideal working aisleway is 2M. Which Flexi can I use?

The Flexi AC Range of Articulated trucks consists of seven forklift models, developed with customers for their varied warehouse operations. The Flexi AC 1200 works in a 2-metre aisle with a EURO pallet and can conform to the DIN 15185 Part 2 and operate at full travel speed and without the need for personnel detection systems.

What aisle can a Flexi articulated truck work in?

The Flexi AC VNA Articulated Truck can work in an aisle way as narrow as 1.6 metres. Contact our team on 0121 557 6242 for more information or via email

Does the Flexi Warehouse Truck work outside?

The Flexi AC Narrow Aisle FLT is equally at home working outside the warehouse in loading areas. It is able to operate a complete ‘road to rack’ function, eliminating time-consuming double pallet handling, plus the need, and cost of a separate counterbalance truck outside, enabling Flexi to cut handling costs by up to 50%.

What heights can a Flexi FLT lift to?

The Flexi AC range of trucks have been developed and supplied with lifts from up to 3 metres to 14 metres, they can operate in very narrow aisles, without the need for costly and damage prone wire or rail guidance systems. Operator vision systems based on High Definition CCTV/LCD are fitted as standard over 10 metres lift. To increase productivity a robust Height Selector System can be added, we believe an appropriate cost-effective use of technology.

What is the width of a Flexi Truck?

The Flexi range of articulated forklift trucks has been developed specifically to improve storage, handling and customer order assembly efficiency in manufacturing and logistics; there are now six models in the range covering a wide range of logistics and warehouse operations; Flexi AC VNA, Flexi AC 1000, Flexi AC 1200, Flexi AC HiLOAD, Flexi AC HiMAX, Flexi AC StorMAX and FlexiPiCK. Truck widths vary from 1000mm to 1350mm, contact us to discuss the correct model for your operation.

Can a Flexi forklift truck work in a VNA 1600mm aisle?

Flexi AC VNA works in just 1500mm (EURO) or 1600mm (ISO) aisles to BITA GN9 (FEM) aisle clearance standard. This true four-wheel articulated warehouse truck has treaded cushion tyres and can operate in rail guided trilateral installations.

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Does the Flexi articulated truck require wire guidance?

The Flexi AC VNA is only 1 metre wide, in a 2-metre aisle with our 50cms of clearance per side it will operate at 11kmph without the need for guidance. A typical Trilateral or Man Up truck is 1700mm wide with only 15cms clearance per side, therefore guidance is essential.

I am not sure if a Flexi forklift is suitable for my warehouse. How can I check?

Flexi Warehouse Systems offer impartial advice on a broad spectrum of warehouse-based intralogistics solutions. Using warehouse planning and throughput simulation software and drawing on the many years’ experience of the Flexi Warehouse Systems development team. To arrange a no-obligation discussion please call Flexi Warehouse Systems on +0121 557 6242.

Where is the Flexi truck made for the UK?

All Flexi AC, range trucks are fitted with high-quality components made in Europe and then assembled into Flexi Trucks in Great Bridge, Tipton.

  • Special Cold Rolled Steel I Beam Mast Sections / – Hoest Steel – Germany
  • Hydraulic Orbital Pump Motors – Danfoss Hydraulics – Denmark
  • Integrated Sideshifting Fork Carriage – Kaup – Germany
  • 1.8 kW Independent Power Steering Motor – Schabmueller, Germany
  • 11 kW Hydraulic Motor – Schabmueller, Germany
  • 19.6 kW Powerful AC technology drive motor – Zapi / Schabmueller, Germany
  • Smooth efficient Re-Gen Braking, AC technology drive controller – Zapi AC Control -UK / Italy
  • Low Vibration Fully Adjustable Operators Seat- Grammer -Germany
  • High-Quality Battery – DIN Standard – Hoppecke – Germany
  • High-Quality Charger Matched To Battery – Hoppecke -Germany
  • Integrated Tilting/Sideshifting Fork Carriage (HiMax Only) – Kaup – Germany

When was Flexi Narrow Aisle established?

Narrow Aisle Limited was formed in 1976 and commenced production of the Rotareach VNA Turret Truck Range. The range of VNA products was developed to include Man Up Turret Trucks and High-Level Order Pickers, over the following 20 years becoming a market leader in the VNA field.

The company designed, developed and introduced the Flexi articulated truck concept in the early 1990s since that point over 5000 Flexi trucks have been manufactured and supplied to customers in the UK, Europe, Americas and throughout the world.

Can I rent a Flexi truck for my short-term peak periods?

If your need is occasional or for a defined period to meet seasonal demand, Flexi Short Term Rentals have a short-term rental fleet of over 300 units. Supported by 25 dedicated mobile service engineers all with vans stocked exclusively with Flexi spares.

Can the Flexi AC truck be offered on a lease or contract hire basis?

No matter how long you require the Flexi forklift truck for, we can tailor our rental packages to suit your individual requirements and utilisation levels at the lowest possible operating cost. As part of our long-termcontract hire options, we also offer our customers with comprehensive 24/7 breakdown and servicing cover.

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What does a Flexi VNA articulated truck cost?

Our team of Business Development Managers will be happy to discuss your operational requirements and warehouse layout then advise on the most suitable Flexi Narrow Aisle truck for your warehouse. Please contact Flexi on : +( 44) 121 557 6242.

What is the delivery time for a Flexi Warehouse truck?

It does depend on the specification of the truck, more specialised models do take longer to build. Average Lead times are currently 8 – 12 weeks. However, due to our investment in short-term rental trucks, we can offer very rapid implementation of your new warehouse installation.

What do you mean by True Radius?

The unique ‘True Radius’® design of the Flexi chassis means there is no outer radius when turning, this eliminates in-aisle product or pallet rack damage, a Flexi Narrow Aisle registered design. This feature combined with the absence of wheel arches on all Flexi models means that your operators will be driving the safest product on the market.

What is 220 degree overrotation?

The Flexi AC range was developed with ‘Over Rotation’ feature, with up to 230 degrees of articulation this means the Flexi driver is always able to turn and enter the pallet safely and more quickly on the ‘First Turn’ than competing models.

We operate a cold store warehouse. Can the Flexi work here?

The Flexi AC Cold Store was developed to allow continuous use at -28ºc, with the truck only needing to be taken out of the store for charging or battery change. In fact, the specially designed robust electrical and hydraulic systems on the Flexi will also allow intermittent use between cold and ambient. Cold Store specified heated full operator cab is available on all Flexi AC CS models. This high-quality cabin will allow continuous operation of your cold store truck fleet for maximum efficiency.

What is the difference between and Flexi AC ECO and a Flexi Refurbished truck?

Flexi ECO AC is a re-manufactured product that reuses the steel and iron components at the end of a truck’s economic life, then all new component parts are installed to produce an ‘as new’ truck, providing significant cost savings compared to an equivalent brand-new truck.

The integrity and high quality of the original chassis design enables Flexi to be re-manufactured under the ‘Eco AC’ programme and offer cost savings of up to 30% compared to a new truck, whilst saving over 60% of the carbon required to make valuable structural components and castings

Flexi Refurb programme takes good quality ex-rental or lease trucks and puts them through a multi-pointrefurbishment of all component parts, many of which are replaced. New batteries and chargers can be specified. Every Flexi Refurb is supplied with a comprehensive parts and labour warranty to provide complete peace of mind.

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Where can I get spare parts for my Flexi Warehouse Truck?

The Flexi Narrow Aisle forklift parts central operation located at our Great Bridge, West Midlands, UK manufacturing plant has been developed to provide a guaranteed ex-stock service for at least 95% of all Flexi parts ordered for the current product range. Any spare put ordered before 4.00pm each day can be dispatched to anywhere in the UK Mainland for delivery the following morning.

Do Flexi Narrow Aisle offer service/maintenance contracts for the Flexi articulated trucks?

All Flexi AC products have a recommended service interval of 500 hours, this ensures the lowest cost of ownership in its class.

I am not UK based, who are your dealers in my area?

Our multi-lingual international sales team based at Great Bridge, Tipton, UK are always available to help advise on the parts and service support available in almost 40 countries of the world where we currently operate and have customers.

How can I book Flexi driver training?

Flexi Training Ltd can provide you with on the job and off-site training for your Flexi hire trucks to ensure safety and productivity. Our Instructors are all experienced and Factory trained on Flexi operation. Our driver trainers can offer you Flexi conversion training to coincide with your Flexi hire truck delivery.

You can also take advantage of our off-site Training School facility where we provide you with a Flexi forklift and rack installation for operator training to minimise the disruption to your own operation.

Please call our training team on +44 0121 557 3674 email:

I have a counterbalance forklift license, is this suitable for a Flexi Articulated Truck?

The experience you have on counterbalance trucks is very relevant to our Flexi AC, however, we do recommend a Flexi Articulated Truck Conversion Course, which can be arranged through our Flexi Training company, in addition,there are a number of options to suit all your employee'sskill levels.

The guidelines in the UK (HSE) are as follows:

  • One day conversion course for a single experienced operator, already holding a valid licence for any other type of forklift truck
  • Two-day conversion course for three experienced operators, already holding a valid licence for any other type of forklift truck
  • Three-day basic training course for a single novice driver, with little or no warehouse experience and forklift truck driving ability
  • Five-day basic training course for three novice drivers, with little or no warehouse experience and forklift truck driving ability

I need Flexi driver training before my truck delivery. Is this possible?

Visit our website for more details or contact us on +(44) 121 557 3674 to discuss your training requirements.