Premium Fully Adjustable Seat

Fully adjustable suspension seat (Grammar) with optional arm rests reduces fatigue on high lift heights.

Telescopic Forks

Telescopic hydraulic forks for handling variable load sizes without the need for manual fork extensions.

Operator Vision System

High Definition LCD CCTV Vision System allows operator to stack safely to over 14 metres with minimum fatigue and two deep to 11 metres.

Weather Protection Cab

Front screen wiper, overhead screen, rear and front screens, detachable doors, available to protect operators all year round.

Full Hard Cab

Operators full cab, steel doors, sliding window (right), wiper, interior heater and interior light.

Cold Store Cabin

Cold Store Cabin protects operator down to -30º, full insulation, double glazed, electric heater, interior light and intercom system.

A4 Clipboard

A4 Clipboard and Data Terminal (RDT) mounting bar fixed to overhead guard.

Operator Access Systems

Operator P.I.N Access Systems can include data recording and impact sensing. FOB and card reading options available.

Programmable Laser Selector

Easy to use Lift Height Selector, reduces fatigue and improves stacking efficiency when used in conjunction with CCTV.  The unit can easily be programmed for up to nine rack levels by the operator.

Blue Point Security Beam

The coloured concentrated LED light beam displays a pool of light on the floor behind the truck to alert pedestrians that the Flexi is approaching.  Providing a much safer operation environment in the warehouse.  Very low energy consumption.

High Definition Operator Vision system

Flexi high definition LCD CCTV fitted as standard on Flexi StorMAX and all Flexi trucks over 9M of lift.  These modern vision systems have enabled the safe development of efficient high mast lifts of up to 15 metres over the last 10 years.  In former times the only solution for high lift trucks was to elevate the operator to see the load.  Making trucks very large and complex, needing costly guidance systems.

White Goods Clamp

The Flexi AC product is very adaptable, it is ideally suited to be customised to handle and stack ‘pallet less’ loads.  This popular individual ‘appliance clamp’ application is popular in the kitchen and white goods customer order fulfilment sector.

Keg clamp

The Flexi AC product is very adaptable, it is ideally suited to be customised to handle ‘pallet less’ loads.  The popluar ‘key clamp’ in the beer brewing industry is a good example.  Combining space saving with ‘rack to road’ functions.

Flexi Pick

The FlexiPiCK is ideal for building mixed pallet loads and is suited for handling and picking layers of product from palletised loads and assembling full pallets of mixed product. It is especially suited to the grocery retail sector, where huge volumes of heavier packaged, canned and bottled products are manually picked in their supply chain every day.

Flexi StorMAX

Work cycles with only 50% of loads in back pallet locations means 30% more pallets per hour per truck than Shuttle Car Systems

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