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    Flexi Forklift Design

    The Flexi AC Range of articulated forklift trucks has a number of key design concepts which have made it a market leading fork lift truck of its type with over 5000 sold in 25 years.

    Over 25 years Flexi AC Range has developed with the help of customers; there are now six models in the range covering a wide range of logistics and warehouse operations.

    • The Flexi AC range of VNA trucks is supplied with the industry leading Zapi AC drive technology for ultra reliability and low maintenance.
    • The Flexi AC forklift truck has the best visibility on the market with its exclusive ‘HiVIS’ twin post overhead safety guard and unique four cylinder ‘VISION’ triplex lift mast both of which are registered designs and greatly add to its popularity with operators.
    • The  unique ‘True Radius’ design of the Flexi chassis means there is no outer radius when turning, this eliminates in aisle product or pallet rack damage, again a registered design.
    • Cast steel side weights and steel plate rear panel protect the Flexi forklift from accidental damage even in tough warehouse applications.
    • The Flexi AC has our ‘Over Rotation’ feature with up to 230 degrees of articulation this means the Flexi driver is able to enter the pallet safely and more quickly on the ‘First Turn’ than competing models.
    • Energy saving independent power steering motor and ‘whisper’ pump on the Flexi forklift truckprovides safe predicable steering when using any hydraulic function, competitors try to run steering off the main hydraulic motor to save cost at the expense of articulation control not ideal at up to 13 metres of lift.
    • The Flexi AC has three independent braking systems, AC regen motor braking for wear free service braking and flyback current to battery, foot pedal operated hydraulic drum brakes for emergency braking, handbrake applied drum brakes for safe parking even on inclines.
    • The long term high resale value of the Flexi articulated truck makes it the best investment in the market. It’s proven reliability, low cost of service and low parts prices all contribute to this fact.

    The Flexi Narrow Aisle Twin front wheel drive concept developed for over 22 years by the Narrow Aisle Ltd has become the industry standard, new competing articulated products which have been introduced to the market have adopted twin front wheel drive The main advantages of Flexi Twin Front Wheel Drive are:

    • ‘True Radius’ articulation eliminates product and pallet rack damage
    • One AC drive motor rather than two for lower maintenance costs, no serviceable components under lead acid battery
    • Rear axle can be specified to suit narrow operating aisle width, increased optimum safe travel speed
    • Traction Battery rear mounted low centre of gravity, higher lift heights more capacity
    • Slide out battery cassette for easy changing, fast, safe multi lift operations
    • Straight line dynamic stability when travelling in reverse, two back wheel motors not synchronised
    • No electrical components under battery, additional forklift not required to service truck

    • The only significant advantage with rear wheel drive is when operating outside on steep ramps or in unmade yards/snow when unladen.
    • The Flexi articulated truck is now firmly established as a cost effective warehouse systems truck that saves space and increases efficiency.
    • Some customers need the Flexi AC truck to operate on concrete loading bays outside in the yard. The Twin Front Wheel Drive axle works exceptionally well in these conditions.