Flexi AC Range

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    Why Flexi AC?

    The Flexi AC articulated warehouse truck accommodates 25 – 30% more pallets in a warehouse compared to a traditional reach truck.

    Up to 50% space and cost saving compared to a standard forklift truck. In addition the Flexi ® can move 25% more pallets per hour than a traditional reach truck. The Flexi AC range includes:

    • Lift heights from 3 metres to over 13 metres
    • Capacity up to 2500 kg at 600mm load centres
    • Operate in a very narrow aisleways 1.6 m, 1.8m or 2.0m without steel rails or inductive wire guidance.
    • Provide high density warehouse storage with first in/ first out (FIFO) access to each load stored
    • Transport loads from trailer to rack in one operation
    • Put away pallets in racking 25% faster than a reach truck
    • Compact chassis for dual operation in Drive In Racking
    • Positive front wheel drive allows ‘Push Back’ racking operation, saves additional 10%
    • Twin Deep telescopic fork model for even greater storage capacity and cost saving