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    When you need more than a forklift…

    Cold Chain Storage Network (CCN) – one of Asia’s leading temperature controlled storage and distribution specialists – has replaced the existing articulated lift truck fleet at its Malaysia facility with 8 new Flexi AC CS articulated forklifts designed and built by Narrow Aisle Ltd.

    The fleet of Flexi AC Cold Store (CS) articulated trucks are in operation at CNN’s 200,000 square foot multi temperature-controlled warehouse which is located in the Malaysian state of Selangor.

    Supplied and maintained by Prestar Marketing, part of Narrow Aisle’s global distributor network, the Flexi fleet has allowed CCN to reduce aisle space within its cold store by 30 per cent.

    When CCN approached Prestar, it became clear to Sunny Toh, Director of Prestar Marketing that CCN needed more than a forklift.

    “The Flexi has many advantages, says Sunny Toh. “Look at the reach of the Flexi. It is 14 meters. Plus, as you rotate the forks, you need much less space to manoeuvre in the aisles. Besides, you don’t need to have another truck around like you do when you use automated systems that can only park and retrieve pallets”.

    The Flexis at CCN come with a five year warranty while Prestar provided training for CCN’s operators where necessary.

    “CCN’s operators had no problem adapting to the slightly different requirements of the Flexi and after a couple of training were entirely comfortable with their new trucks,” says Sunny Toh.

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