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    Invitation from the Warehouse Technology Group

    Managing your warehouse to keep pace with the new world of e-tailing

    Wednesday 15th June

    The event will show you how investment in business-improving warehouse technology and equipment can help you meet the challenges presented by the growth of e-tailing. You will see how the leading-edge products offered by the Warehouse Technology Group partners can help you to manage stock more effectively and improve the overall responsiveness of your operation.


    Logistics Research and Innovation Centre at Mantra Learning,

    Greengate, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1RU


    Wednesday 15th June

    If you would like to register for the event please contact Joanne Wilson on 0121 521 5112 or via email j.wilson@narrowaisle.org.uk.  Alternatively, register on line at http://www.wtglive.com/events and enter your VIP invitation code: FLEXI

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