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    Growing with the markets

    There are many factors driving the growth in the global development of the Intralogistics sector, says John Maguire, Narrow Aisle’s commercial director.

    The global development of the warehousing ‘Intralogistics’ sector continues apace.
    There are many factors driving this growth but perhaps the most notable is the apparently endless proliferation of the e-commerce sector.
    Quite simply, internet shopping is making existing warehouse storage formats obsolete and the pressure to speed up e-commerce deliveries, reduce overheads and defend market share in the face of the consumer’s rapidly changing shopping habits is forcing retailers rethink the way they store, pick and despatch their ranges.
    Narrow Aisle’s Flexi warehouse truck systems are ideally suited to help make the significant changes that are often required to transform those intralogistics operations that have become unfit for purpose into highly efficient profit centres quickly and cost effectively.
    For example, our StorMAX systems concept is proving hugely popular with customers in the e-commerce sector who often use the space that the StorMAX saves to free up to expand their on-site pick and pack and returns facilities.
    We are constantly winning new customers and, because Flexi users range in size from one truck SME operations to multi-site retail or third party logistics companies, we are always involved in interesting projects that break new ground.
    For instance we recently provided a fleet of 10 Flexi Cold Store units with lift heights of up to 10 metres for the largest public cold store operator in Malaysia. The store is a double deck concrete structure and the whole 12 metre high storage system – including the Flexi trucks – is located on the upper floor.
    Our business has also enjoyed significant growth in the global airfreight sector. For example, we were recently awarded the contract to equip the newly developed airfreight logistics operation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with 10 Flexi HiMAX units. When complete, the 50,000 sq metre fully racked facility will be the most modern intralogistics hub in that fast developing country.
    Narrow Aisle operates in over 63 countries today and every month we seem to expand in to a new territory. It is interesting to note that our growth is mostly coming from markets outside the EU. I am not in any way trying to score a political point by saying this! The growth is a result of intralogistics issues rather than a reflection of any shift in the political landscape. To explain, the handling methods for the EURO pallet differ widely from the international standards organisation (ISO) global pallet. The Flexi truck is used widely across the global ISO world, as the pallets are 20% larger, often heavier, and cannot be lifted by trucks with ‘straddle’ legs at the front.
    2017 promises to throw up some exciting challenges and at Narrow Aisle we are looking forward to working with our clients across all industry sectors across the world to meet them head on.

    John Maguire
    Narrow Aisle Ltd

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