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    Wireless height sensor

    Wireless height sensor offers further  safety and productivity benefits

    Flexi Narrow Aisle Ltd – manufacturer of the Flexi range of articulated forklift trucks – has introduced wireless, solid state laser lift height selector technology across its range of very narrow aisle trucks.

    The height selector allows the truck operator to pre-set the required pallet storage height simply and efficiently which results in faster throughput and reduced fatigue – particularly in larger, high bay stores.

    Unlike other forklift height selection systems currently on the market, the Flexi Narrow Aisle technology does not rely on wires, tapes or other cables to monitor the height of the forklift carriage as it is raised or lowered in the aisle. Instead it uses state-of-the-art laser technology developed in consultation with a leading German sensor-solutions specialist to precisely check the carriage height.

    “Traditional lift height sensors have used tape to measure the carriage’s height. The tape becomes stretched and worn and has to replaced, whereas our wire-less system is virtually maintenance free and remains accurate no matter how many times the mast is raised or lowered,” says John Maguire, sales and marketing director of Flexi Narrow Aisle

    The system automatically stops a forklift load carriage at the correct height when the operator is performing a pallet put-away or retrieval operation. Importantly, the sensor allows the load to be raised or lowered at the optimum speed – bringing it to a controlled stop at the desired location.

    John Maguire added: “Because Flexi articulated forklift trucks enable pallets to be picked and put-away up to 14 metres high they are increasingly used in the high bay warehouse sector. Indeed, some 40 per cent of all trucks we supply are already fitted with high definition LCD screens to enable the operator to clearly see the load, pallet and racking system at all levels.

     “The new Flexi Narrow Aisle lift height sensor is an additional piece of technology that will further eliminate operator error, enhance throughput reduce fatigue and, of course, improve safety in the warehouse.”

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