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    Flexi Helps in Philippines Relief Effort

    We have supplied many Flexi’s to World Health Organisations; Joint Medical Stores, US Aid/Gates Foundation etc. to places as diverse as Mozambique, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda supporting a programme of building air conditioned and chilled pharmaceuticals stores to hold stocks of vaccines and drugs to treat many tropical diseases.

    The products need to be kept at controlled temperatures to ensure efficiency, often in the past these vaccines and drugs had no affect because they had been degraded by high temperatures.

    Many of these new facilities are in areas that need a warehouse truck to also travel outside in less than ideal yard conditions. The unique Flexi Articulated truck made in Tipton, UK is ideal for these operations in that it has a dual function, operates in a narrower storage aisle, essential in a cold store, high cost environment but uniquely had treaded cushion rubber tyres for working in outside yard conditions.

    The Red Cross have recognised these attributes and acquired a Flexi Articulated truck to help send to the Philippines stocks of disaster relief supplies to help in the massive relief effort. In the recent BBC1 Breakfast show programme the Flexi could be seen at work moving stock from the Red Cross stores at Warmley into air freight containers to be sent to East Midlands Airport for onward delivery to the Philippines.


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