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    Layer picking-based storage and order fulfillment solution

    The FlexiPiCK is ideal for building mixed pallet loads and is suited for handling and picking layers of product from palletised loads and assembling full pallets of mixed product. It is especially suited to the grocery retail sector, where huge volumes of packaged, canned and bottled products pass through the supply chain. (Click to view video)

    • Unique Layer Picking System
    • Low capital investment cost
    • Pick rates of over 1000 cases per hour
    • Creates FMCG marketing opportunities
    • System design allows any number of product lines to be layer picked
    • Developed to handle fragile and glass packaged products
    • Pallet boards can be inserted between product layers as required
    • Eliminates case picking by hand
    • Provides stable uniformly stacked multi-product loads
    • Ideal for building mixed pallet loads
    • Integrated hydraulic arms which carefully grip single or multiple layers of product
    • Load access aisle of only two metres which dramatically reduces the floor space footprint required
    • Eliminates automated conveyor and robot- based solutions which are prohibitively costly for many FMCG and grocery retail operations

    Traditional grocery retail supply chain structures tend to be somewhat rigid: palletised loads move through the supply chain with surprisingly few options offered to the ultimate retail store destination. Retailers tend to receive products by full pallet quantity or individual case picked quantity – the latter is often charged at a higher unit price due to the extra picking cost involved.

    Thanks to its four integrated arms and rubber pads that gently lift and cushion the loads carried, the FlexiPiCK is a cost effective method for suppliers to pick orders and allows them to offer their wholesale and retail store clients order quantities at lower cost than case-ordered volume prices and with less inventory commitment than a full pallet of product.

    Thanks to its ‘True Radius’ ® chassis design, the FlexiPiCK system is the perfect platform for layer picking technology. Layer picking units have previously been developed using traditional counterbalanced forklift truck platform. However, these trucks have to turn at a 90 degree angle to the truck’s mast to execute the layer picking process using huge additional space and providing unacceptably low case pick rates.

    Because a FlexiPiCK is designed to pivot through 220 degrees it is perfectly configured to undertake layer picking operations in very narrow aisleways and without the need for the type of floor mounted steel rail guidance systems that have previously been installed with counterbalance forklift-based layer picking installations.

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