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    Flexi AC HiLOAD

    For logistics warehouses needing fast throughput capability and very narrow aisle storage density, Flexi HiLOAD AC provides the perfect solution. (View Video)

    • Developed for lifting ISO and EURO pallets to over 11 metres of lift.
    • Independent 1.8KW power steering motor and ‘whisper’ pump for low energy usage.
    • Heavy Duty Double Deck 2.5 Tonne articulation system
    • 2.5 Tonnes rated capacity at 600mm load centres up to 3.3 metres
    • Zapi AC drive technology means longer battery shift life and reduced maintenance costs
    • Heavy duty Flexi truck for industrial customers who want to save storage space and increase pallet throughput
    • Lift heights to over 11 metres
    • Choice of chassis widths 1250mm, 1350mm and 1400mm for optimum in aisle travel speed
    • Unique  ‘HiVIS’ heavy duty lift mast as standard
    • Patented ‘HiVIS’ twin post safety headguard meets CE and US standards
    • Extended shift work from high capacity batteries AC motor technology and independent power steering
    • Independent 1.8kW power steering for safe low noise hydraulic steering and low energy use

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