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    Flexi GAS

    Flexi GAS. Combining Flexi articulated fork lift truck capability with clean LPG power.The Flexi with gas powered efficiency

    Combining the very narrow aisle performance of an articulated forklift truck, with the power and availability of LPG powered fork lift. That is Flexi GAS.  A three-way catalytic converter, plus GM LPG engine provides power on demand when required.

    • Capacity 2000kgs at 600mm load centres
    • Works outside as efficiently as a counterbalance truck with one truck doing the job of two, cut handling costs by up to 50%
    • Lift heights to 7 metres
    • Four treaded cushion rubber tyres
    • 3-way catalyser keeps emissions to a minimum
    • Unique fast safe LPG bottle change system
    • Smooth response  hydrostatic transmission
    • Over 60% of parts common to Flexi electric range
    • Conforms to European noise directive
    • Front wheel drive for precise, accurate stacking

    Proven technology – smooth traction

    Flexi GAS combines on demand power with smooth control, the hydrostatic transmission ensures it drives and manoeuvres just like a Flexi electric articulated forklift truck. Being a Flexi, it can operate even in the most confined spaces – both inside the warehouse and in the loading area. And 60% of all chassis and other components are identical to the Flexi Range of electric articulated trucks, to ensure spare parts availability.

    High quality specification

    Flexi GAS very narrow aisle trucks feature two independent braking systems – hydraulic drum brakes and hydrostatic transmission braking. The tilting ‘clear vision’ mast, forward facing seat, plus ergonomically designed control layout, ensures maximum operator safety and reduces fatigue. And with the LPG bottle mounted in an easy load cradle, changeovers are quick and safe to ensure the truck is immediately available.

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