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    Flexi AC 1200/1250

    Europe’s most popular articulated forklift truck

    The Flexi AC 1200/1250 electric powered articulated forklift truck is the most popular articulated forklift truck in Europe. The important design elements, together with the numerous advanced operational and safety features increase the Flexi AC 1200/1250’s appeal even further for operators. At the heart of the Flexi AC forklift concept is a commitment to operator safety and handling efficiency that combine to make Flexi AC 1200/1250 the most complete and compelling articulated forklift truck range currently available.

    • 2000 kgs rated capacity at 600mm load centres to 3.3 metres
    • Zapi AC drive technology saves battery power, smooth traction
    • Works inside very narrow aisles and unloads outside in yard
    • Independent 1.8kW power steering motor for maximum energy saving
    • Heavy duty ‘VISION’ lift mast as standard
    • Unique ‘HiVIS’ twin post overhead guard as standard
    • Lift heights up to 11 metres in VNA stacking aisle
    • Easy battery changing, slide out or  roll out feature
    • Large SuperElastic cushion rubber tyres all round, non marking options
    • No serviceable components under battery, extra forklift not required
    • Twin Front wheel drive for smooth, precise accurate stacking
    • Independent power steering motor for smooth hydraulic steering, no kickback

      Flexi forklift trucks work in very narrow aisles (VNA), lift capacity up to 2500 kgs, lift heights of over 13 metres

      Compared to the conventional moving mast Reach Truck, Flexi AC range creates up to 30% more storage space within an existing warehouse. In addition, Flexi AC doesn’t require any extra clearance between the floor and the first pallet rack beam, to account for the reach truck stabilising legs. The Flexi very narrow aisle (VNA) concept has become very popular in the logistics and distribution industry allowing safe and efficient low level customer order picking in 2m aisles whilst optimising pallet storage density. The Flexi aisle is clear with no steel guide rails to hinder ground level picking the Flexi operator sits at ground level in the same working space as low level order pickers. There are no safety issues when driving in the narrow aisle as those encountered when operating high lift Man Up rising cab trilateral trucks (Combi). Many Narrow Aisle Flexi customers in the Third Party Logistics industry are able to pick and assemble customer orders at the rate of 180 cases per hour in the same aisle as the Flexi which can replenish bulk pallets over 30 per hour. Narrow Aisle Flexi can help you master the most efficient operation for your warehouse with complimentary free warehouse consultation design and simulation service.

      View Flexi AC 1200/1250 AC in action

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