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    Flexi NANO

    Pedestrian Narrow Aisle Stacker

    The Flexi AC NANO PS electric two-way pedestrian operated stacker is perfectly suited for handling palletised goods in very narrow aisles. It has many uses in the warehousing and retail storage industries. The Flexi AC NANO is also available in optimal four-way format and is an excellent piece of equipment for long load applications in the wood, furniture, materials, sanitation, windows and doors, and the steel industry.

    The robust fork reach system uses a hydraulic pantograph which offers an unrivalled field of view at every lift height and more importantly the ability to pick up any design of wooden pallet either closed (ISO) or open (EURO) type.

    With the tiller in a normal position the handle is parallel to the drive wheel, which allows for a fast movement down the very narrow aisle. Once at the desired location the stacker can be turned through ninety degrees to face the pallet rack. The unique “two-way” steering system is then activated which allows the operator to drive the pallet and forks into the empty rack location, the hydraulic fork reach pantograph then places the pallet load neatly over the rack beams before lowering the mast and load onto the rack beam. The integrated power steering allows for effortless manoeuvring in narrow aisles and keeps operator fatigue to a minimum.

    With its modern design and compact construction the traditional quality and robustness of the Flexi AC Range is not ignored, which overtime saves costs and provides excellent residual value.

    Precise handling is provided using the multi-functional handle with display that shows all relevant operator data such as drive wheel direction, battery charge, maintenance and service diagnostics etc. The specially designed handle allows for precise steering and positioning through infinite regulation of travel speed and lift speed.

    With numerous standard options available, including the Flexi AC NANO FW four-way version can meet a number of customer specific long load handling requirements and be tailored to their application.


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