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    Flexi Lifttruck Features

    Flexi AC Standard Features

    • Ergonomically designed operator compartment automotive layout
    • Low step for safe access to spacious cab
    • Fully adjustable anti vibration seat including seat belt and adjustment for operator’s weight
    • Interlocked Control levers fall to right hand
    • Tilting steering column and dashboard
    • Small diameter low effort steer wheel
    • Document holder, cupholder
    • Reversing mirror
    • Arm rest with storage compartment
    • Four large superelastic rubber tyres
    • Large, rubber faced wide brake pedal
    • Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI)with lift interrupt
    • Right foot accelerator familiar ‘automotive’ style
    • Emergency battery disconnect to CE rules
    • Three independent braking systems
    • Independent power steering motor
    • Clear ‘VISION’ triple mast with integral side shift
    • Forward (1.5°) and backward (3.5°) mast tilt
    • Interlocked seat presence sensor for safe acceleration
    • Zapi AC motor control technology with full visual diagnostics and fault data logging
    • Hour meter records worked hours only
    • Patented HiVIS twinpost  overhead guard to CE/US standards
    • Robust steel counterweights all round
    • Efficient regenerative drive braking
    • On demand independent hydraulic power steering
    • Motor temperature warning lights
    • Motor brush wear warning lights
    • Twin front wheel drive
    • Articulating front axle
    • Hydraulic foot brake acts direct on rear wheels drums
    • Reverse alarm
    • Narrow Aisle Safe Start (NASS) for inclines
    • Rotating Beacon
    • Twin Operator working lights
    • Fork pockets in battery tank

    Flexi AC Features & Benefits

    Truck Features

    • The Flexi AC 220° articulating chassis design reduces the stacking aisle down to 1600mm  (ISO pallet).
    • The seating position allows the driver to face forwards. When stacking a load the mast moves away from his line of vision to give unobstructed visibility of the forks and load.
    • The Flexi forklift truck counterbalance design eliminates the need to lift over 400mm Reach Truck legs at the ground level, saving more than 5% on vertical stacking space required.
    • The much narrower Flexi ‘True Radius’ design operates unguided in very narrow aisles safely at full travel speed.
    • The Flexi AC truck has reliable twin front wheel with conventional differential drive axle.
    • The powerful AC technology motor powers the front wheels smoothly and safely at all times.
    • Large diameter, superelastic tyres on all four wheels.
    • Tilting mast with twin low level cylinders, for safe, smooth high level stacking.  Cylinder seals protected from ingress of dirt.

    Major Benefits

    • You save wasted aisle space and achieve more storage density compared to a moving mast Reach Truck, therefore reducing the cost per pallet stored by more than 25%.
    • Flexi ‘True Radius’ eliminates product and rack damage in aisle. Operator stress and fatigue due to side seated Reach Truck eliminated.
    • No ‘reach legs’ eliminates wasted space above the bottom load and the first beam level, improving storage capacity by 5%.
    • Eliminates the cost of steel rail or inductive wire guidance system and super flat floors required with  Man Up very narrow lateral stacking solutions.
    • Twin front wheel drive is proven technology used on conventional counterbalance trucks. Minimal tyre scrub when turning, tractive effect increases when laden.
    • Better outdoor working compared with Reach Truck no hard polyurethane wheels or stabilisers.

    Flexi AC Optional Features

    • Load back guard
    • Front Spot Lights
    • Non-Marking Tyres
    • Overhead Cab Screen
    • Enclosed Operator Cab – outside usage
    • Treaded Tyres, Non Marking Tyres
    • Fire Extinguisher and bracket
    • Four Stage Lift Mast (Quad)
    • PIN Access Keyless Ignition
    • Impact sensing with auto shut down
    • Laser Progammable Lift Height selector system
    • Weigh Scales to check pallet loads
    • HiDef CCTV with LCD, operator vision system
    • Cold Storage Conditioning
    • ATEX Zone 2 Explosion Protection
    • Keyless ignition (PIN activated)