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    Choose forklifts made in the Midlands

    Forklift trucks provide substantial savings in the time and effort required to load, unload and stack materials and across the Midlands there are literally thousands of companies for whom forklifts play a critical role.

    VNA Forklift trucks made in the Midlands

    Flexi Articulated Warehouse Trucks, designed for Very Narrow Aisles

    Tipton-based, Narrow Aisle Ltd, has been building lift trucks at its factory in Great Western Way since 1976 and is one of only a handful of companies manufacturing lift trucks in the UK today.

    The company produces the Flexi range of articulated forklifts.

    Flexi trucks pick up and transport pallets like conventional forklifts but are designed to allow more of a warehouse or distribution centre to be used for valuable storage space.

    Over the last two decades over 5000 Flexis have been sold throughout the world and the Flexi brand has become synonymous with high quality, ultra-efficient products, exceptional reliability and outstanding customer service.

    The latest addition to the Flexi range is the Flexi AC NANO TW/FW – a pedestrian operated truck that operates in very narrow aisles (VNA) safely and efficiently.

    The new model is a lower cost walk with alternative for companies who want to achieve the space saving and storage efficiencies associated with Narrow Aisle’s top-selling Flexi articulated truck range but for whom a more user friendly pedestrian-operated truck is the ideal solution in manufacturing plants, retail stores and the like.

    The Front Wheel version of the truck enables pallets and also lengthy loads to be handled in very narrow aisles, making it ideal for handling wood, furniture, pipework and steel.

    Outstanding stability and safe, productive handling – even when lifting long loads weighing as much as 1800kg loads and to heights of up to 6 metres – is assured by the truck’s clever design.

    In addition, the Flexi NANO features integrated power steering with 90° powered rotation which enables it to be manoeuvred effortlessly in narrow aisles and minimises operator fatigue over the course of a shift, while precise handling is provided by the multi-functional handle that allows travel and lift speeds to be fingertip controlled.

    Like all the electric-powered trucks in the Flexi range, the new pedestrian-operated Flexi’s AC drive motor technology ensures that the truck is highly energy efficient, smooth running and quiet in operation.

    John Maguire, commercial director of Narrow Aisle Ltd, commented: “The Flexi AC NANO pedestrian operated complements other Flexi articulated forklift models perfectly and will be popular with companies who want to maximise storage capacity but whose throughput requirements do not warrant an additional full size Flexi truck or when safer pedestrian operation is preferred.”

    A range of flexible finance packages, each of which is tailored to suit a client’s needs, is available.

    Narrow Aisle Ltd also offers warehouse planning and design and implementation services and the company specialises in updating and transforming existing storage facilities to significantly improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

    “There are a huge number of warehouse facilities across the Midlands region that were constructed and equipped over 30-40 years ago and many of these sites are no longer fit for purpose,” says John Maguire.

    “Often the original usage has changed completely and therefore the storage and materials handling equipment installed is no longer efficient. Narrow Aisle works with its clients to redesign the layout of their site, provide a fully costed inclusive reconfiguration service to create a much more cost effective operation,” he adds.