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    Another year of growth for Narrow Aisle

    Global sales of Narrow Aisle products reached an all-time high in 2015.

    The increase in volume sales that we experienced in 2015 fully justifies the investment in the development of Narrow Aisle’s UK production site which was made in 2014.

    The UK plant was extended by 40 per cent and, such has been the acceleration in demand for products in the Flexi range, this additional capacity is fully now utilized.

    Narrow Aisle’s long term success is, in part, a result of the growing number of warehouse operators who are reconfiguring their existing sites to achieve the additional storage capacity that they require.

    Flexi technology enables far more efficient use of the available storage cube which makes the trucks particularly attractive to those companies who, due to the ongoing lack of good quality, new-build warehouse facilities on the market, need to optimise the storage space available to them within their existing buildings.

    Looking ahead Narrow Aisle’s development team will continue to work on new product ideas that are capable of lifting increasingly heavier loads to ever higher levels within the confines of narrower storage aisles.

    The company has a number of fresh and exciting developments in the pipeline that it plans to unveil in 2016 that will provide impressive user benefits.

    In general, the materials handling industry generally, can expect a period of growth globally as the benefits of cost effective warehouse storage and customer order picking systems drive demand.

    The major changes taking place in the retail sector – in particular the move by consumers to ‘online’ ordering – will create many new opportunities for the 3PL sector but the shortage of newer good quality warehouse sheds especially in the UK and USA, will lead to more investment in refurbishing and reconfiguring older warehouse stock.

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