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    Flexi Warehouse Systems at Logistics Link North 2013

     Flexi Warehouse Systems at Logistics Link North 2013

     Visitors to the Flexi Warehouse Systems stand at this year’s Logistics Link North exhibition will be able to learn more about the recently launched company’s Warehouse Systems Division.

    Introduced to offer a range of warehouse planning and design and implementation services to the logistics industry, Flexi Warehouse Systems will offer impartial advice in new warehouse projects but speciliasing in the updating and transforming existing facilities to significantly improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

    “Flexi Warehouse Systems’ aim will be to develop with the client the most efficient and cost effective system for their application,” explains John Maguire, Flexi Narrow Aisle’s sales and marketing director.

    There are a huge number of existing warehouse buildings across the country constructed and equipped over the last 20 years, many of these facilities are now due to the huge changes in the retail market and the economy in general are no longer fit for purpose.  Often the original usage has changed completely and therefore the storage and material handling equipment installed is no longer efficient to say the least.  This can present an opportunity to re-design and re-configure, using new technology and handling techniques, to create a much more cost effective operation often with a very attractive pay back period.

     For instance, Flexi trucks with their ability to operate in narrower aisleways  by articulating up to 220 degrees and lift pallet loads to heights of over 13 metres,  Flexis can save warehouse operators at least 30 per cent of their storage costs. Furthermore, the ability to unload pallets from road vehicles or goods in marshaling areas and deliver loads directly to the storage racks can reduce existing handling costs by a further 50 per cent.  Combine these abilities with a complete re-configuration of the storage system to improve say customer order picking techniques and an existing warehouse can get a whole new lease of life. 

     The Flexi Warehouse Systems ability to offer a complete service from a design through to supply and installation of all storage equipment, racks, fire protection, labeling, the latest warehouse management systems, battery changing systems with full project management and training included is a unique opportunity for existing warehouse operators to modernize their existing facilites and make real operation costs saving in double quick time.

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